LDEO Open House 2014 !

OCTOBER 11, 2014, 10 am – 4 pm, @ LDEO !  

How to get to Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory:  http://www.ldeo.columbia.edu/news-events/events/open-house

We will again build our 8-channel surround sound system with the shaking floor. We will play sounds and movies that we have developed for the shows at the Hayden Planetarium, of five earthquakes in the last decade (Parkfield CA, M6, 2006; Haiti, M7, 2010; Sumatra, M9.2, 2004; Tohoku, M9.0, 2011; Kamchatka, M8.3, 2013), with new movies of earthquake sequences through time for each of the above regions, and also of data from large arrays of seismometers— all new ways of experiencing seism
ECB_faceic data. New this year, the exhibit will be interactive (!) driven by a device called the “Earthquake Control Box” (made with the incontrovertibly Douglas Repetto). We will also have smaller exhibits on listening to earthquakes in Oklahoma that were caused by human activity (deep injection of wastewater from hydrofracturing), and the ever-popular “BIRTHQUAKES!”, in which you can make a map of the five biggest earthquakes on the day you were born, and then listen to the biggest.