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Co-seismic Piano @ “Entertaining Science”


On Sunday December 1, 2013, at 6:00 pm in the West Village, in a small basement theater, a small representation of a large thing will happen. As part of the long-running “Entertaining Science” series organized by Roald Hoffman and David Sulzer at the Cornelia Street Cafe, we (Jason Candler, Jason Moran and Ben Holtzman) will be presenting our collaborative thing (music mingling with a science lecture) entitled “Co-seismic Piano”. Candler and Holtzman have been making sounds and movies using seismic data since 2006, to bring an understanding to people of this natural phenomenon. We have always emphasized the understanding of the natural phenomenon as separate and distinct from the consequences of earthquakes for humanity and people’s lives. In working with Jason Moran to bring music into this picture, we quickly decided to abandon that approach, as humanity is inescapable in music. Instead, we dive in to the question of scale: How can music and earthquake sounds give us a sense of the magnitude of these events relative to the scale of our own lives?  These days, Moran has in mind a piece by Schubert, “Der Doppelgänger”, and an array of Chicago Blues, that lie on some extremities of human experience.  Somehow, when mingling with seismic sounds, they narrate the Earth and a human life before an earthquake, after an earthquake, before the next earthquake…

We will present a musical lecture in three units.

Co-seismic Piano @ “Entertaining Science”
Sunday, December 1, 6:00 pm,
Cornelia Street Cafe, 29 Cornelia Street, NY NY 10014